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From scuffs and scratches, rips & tears to colour loss, worn edges, split piping and more. We have an extensive range of handbag repair services to suit the needs of all handbags.

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Handbag Repair: What type of handbag repairs do we do?

Scuffed Leather Corners

Most handbags will lose the colour on the corners of the bag. This occurs from day to day to use and is one of the most common problems we fix here at Handbag Clinic. 

When we do this type of repair we'll clean the entire bag to remove all dirt and grime. We'll then use our Spectrophotometer (colour computer) to expertly match the colour of the leather, repair any scuffs or scratches in the leather and then restore the colour to blend the damaged area in with the rest of the bag. 
We can also fix general scuffing or scratching on any part of the bag too, not just the corners!


Split Piping & Torn Edges

Even if the leather has completely split or torn along the edges this can be repaired too. 

To do this type of handbag repair we first need to tidy up any fraying or worn pieces. We carefully trim these away and then glue the intact leather back to the bag. If there are any gaps or holes we use a flexible filler to fill the gaps. This filler looks and feels like leather to blend in with the bag. 

Once the damaged areas has been repaired smoothly with the rest of the leather we'll then match the colour and restore the colour so it blends in with the rest of the bag.

Colour Loss & Fading

Colour loss can be the result of a stain or spill that strips the colour out of the leather, or sadly our customers trying too hard to remove a stain themselves and end up rubbing the colour off the leather! 

Leather will fade naturally with use and if you look inside the bag at a hidden piece of leather you'll see how much the colour of your handbag may have changed over the years! 

Both issues can be easily fixed at Handbag Clinic. The key part is getting an exact colour match and we use a specialist computer called a Spectrophotometer to do this. We'll clean the damaged area, restore the colour using the colour match and then seal it in to provide you with years more use of your handbag.

Dark & Greasy Handles

If you didn't know, when your leather handles start to look dark and dull it is caused by a build-up of sweat, natural oils from your skin and moisturisers. The leather slowly absorbs these greasy liquids and will gradually start to look darker with age. 

Unfortunately this type of staining doesn't simply clean off and needs to be degreased instead. We do this by wiping on a paste like degreaser that starts to loosen the grease, then as it dries it absorbs the grease. This is a slow process too - one application can take up to 6 hours to dry and multiple applications are sometimes required! 

The best action is prevention using our Leather Protection Cream, but if this has happened to your bag we're more than happy to restore it to its former glory for you.

Re-edging Leather


Waxed and painted edges on handbags often start to crack and split, sometimes they even just peel off. 

This edging is used to tidy up the edges where two pieces of leather meet. Instead of seeing the exposed leather fibres, you see a lovely waxed edge. This edging typically starts to wear off on handles & straps, the base corners of the bag and around the top leather trim. 

When we see this problem we remove all the old damaged edging, prepare the edging to make it smooth and then re-paint it using our extremely flexible edge coating that we manufacture in-house.

New Leather Tab

New Leather Tabs

It's very a very common problem for the pieces of leather that are holding handles/straps in place snap or tear. When this happens we can make a new replacement tab to match the broken one. 

We do this by selecting a piece of leather of a similar thickness and grain pattern. We then colour change the leather to match yours exactly and use the old tab as a template to cut out a new one. 

The new tab is then hand stitched back onto the bag and attached to the handle/strap.

New Leather Handle

New Handles & Straps

If you're unlucky enough to have damaged your handles beyond repair we can make you a pair of new ones to match the old exactly. The handles or strap may have snapped or torn, become badly damaged beyond repair or you may want an alteration of their size. 

We start by selecting a piece of leather that matches the original thickness and grain pattern. We then use the original handles to make a template and change the colour of the new leather to match. The new handles are then cut out using the template and hand sewn together. The edges are waxed and then the new handles are hand stitched back onto the bag.

We are the longest established and leading handbag repairers in the UK working not only for consumers but for many of the worlds leading department stores and fashion designers;

Convenient and Safe : We off free delivery direct to our Clinic or collect your bag(s) from you if you would prefer. You can also speak directly with a member of the team in one of our stores. Items sent with our courier are all sent on a recorded next day service and are fully insured. 

Stores: Want a more personal service? We have stores in Chelsea, Leeds and Newcastle. Our dedicated team of specialist can take you through your restoration in detail and answer all of our questions in one of our stylish boutiques. 

Worldwide Name: We also have stores in Monaco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Trusted by Brands: We are recommended and used by a number of the brands, we have carried out work for Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Aspinal of London, Nancy Gonzalez Asprey, Christies Auction House and many more. 

“If your leather goods require a new restoration look, do not look further but contact Handbag Clinic. Professional, honest and they strive to achieve outstanding results.” - Concession Manager, Chanel Selfridges  

Tried & Tested: Our skilled Artisans repair over 700 handbags every month in our family ran Clinic and and since launching have repaired over £30 million of bags.