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Louis Vuitton Gallery


Speedy Restoration

This stunning Speedy needed its Handles replacing. Our leather and stitching technicians handcrafted a brand new handle to original specifications and brought it back to life. 

Vachetta Leather Restoration 

The base on this Louis Vuitton was worn down and dilapidated. Our technicians fully restored and replaced the leather to look brand new! 

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Leather Restoration

New Alma Handles

The Vachetta leather on these handles had darkened beyond restoration. To replace the handles we remove the old ones and use them to make templates. Using our own Vachetta leather we cut the new handles out and stain them to match the aged vachetta leather on the bag. Using a matching yellow thread we then hand stitch the handles together before hand painting the dark red edge to finish the job.


Vachetta Leather Clean

Vachetta leather absorbs stains and dirt like a sponge! Here we have cleaned the straps on this keepall to help keep it looking fresh.


Mouldy Keepall


Here we have cleaned the lining of the bag to remove the mould staining. We also apply an anti-bacterial spray to make sure the mould has been killed.



Louis Vuitton Vachetta Leather Restoration

The base on this handbag had become very badly stained so we carried out a full leather restoration to transform its appearance.


LV Handles Restored

In this examples the handles were in reasonable condition so we were able to restore the leather, rather than replacing the handles.


Louis Vuitton Ink Removal

An ink stain has been removed from this leather bag.


Cream Leather Restored

This light coloured Louis Vuitton has become badly stained and is very dirty. To properly restore the leather we clean off as much of the staining as possible and then restore the colour to blend it in with the rest of the bag.


Neverfull Lining Clean

We have thoroughly cleaned and deodorised the interior of this LV Neverfull.



Greasy Handles Restored

Here we have removed the grease from the Vachetta Leather handles and then restored the colour.


Bottom Restoration

The bottom of this bag had become extremely dark and dirty. After a thorough cleaning process we restored the colour to a light shade of Vachetta leather.




New Tab 

The leather tab attaching the handle had snapped so we made a new one from scratch and fixed the handles.



Customisation Removed

Our customer bought this Louis Vuitton Neverfull second hand and it still had the original owners initials embossed on it. We removed the embossing and restored the leather.




Replacement Top Trim

The leather trim that finishes the top off on many Louis Vuitton Handbags sometimes snaps and cracks. When this happens (like in this example) we make a new trim and re-stitch it onto the bag.


New Vachetta Leather Tab

The piece of leather holding the strap onto the bag had snapped with use. We made a new tab to match the rest of the leather and re-attached it to the bag.



Customer's DIY Handle Repair

In this example our customer had tried to salvage their bag by joining their snapped handle together with a piece of wire! We removed the old handles and made some brand new ones that matched how they should have originally looked.


Red Epi Leather Stain

An unknown white stain was removed this red Epi Leather Bag.


Zip Replacement

Sometimes when a Louis Vuitton zip is broken we can simply repair the zip. Unfortunately in this example the zip material had torn, which meant we need to replace the entire zip.


Torn Lining

The lining had torn inside this black epi leather Alma. To fix it we were able to trim the damaged material and re-stitch it to the bag. Sometimes the material can be so badly worn that we need to replace the entire lining.



Torn Handle Replaced

Here the handle had torn apart making the bag unusable. We made a new handle to match the original and replaced it.