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Balenciaga City Restoration

At Handbag Clinic we have perfected the art of restoring a Balenciaga City, ensuring every detail from worn corners, staining, handles and even the iconic chunky thread finish is restored perfectly while maintaining that soft and supple feel.


Red Sole Restoration

The Louboutin Red Sole has become one of the most in demand fashion accessories in recent years however, whether worn on board room floors or dance floors, they can show signs of wear over time. As well as restoring scuffs to the leather and offering a range of traditional cobbler services we also can restore the red sole, giving that new shoe feeling all over again. This client had taken great care of their favourite shoes but of course could not avoid the sole becoming worn, so has booked them... Read More

Lady Dior Colour Change 30/04/2020

Colour Changing a Lady Dior

From bright statement colours to seasonal tones, here at Handbag Clinic we can change the colour of your handbag to any colour of your choice. Our Artisans are highly trained in the Colour Matching Process, by using this method we can achieve any colour, whether it be your favourite shade, to match another item or just a colour that is missing from your wardrobe. This is the perfect treatment for those handbags or shoes that you don’t want to part with but need new lease of life. The Lady Dior... Read More


Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day nearly upon us (mere days away), here at Handbag Clinic we thought we’d help you get in the good books this year… and yes we do offer next day delivery! Whether you’re treating your mum, grandma, partner or even yourself this Mother’s Day, our gift guide has it covered. While she may be happy with the yearly card and garage flowers, why not up your game and get her something that she can treasure. After all, the best gift you can give is style! The fashion conscious: ... Read More


Restoring A Vintage Chanel

Chanel handbag is often seen as a staple item in the wardrobe of the fashion forward, however when worn daily the condition can diminish from its former glory. This gorgeous Chanel Classic Flap is ten years old and was in serious need of a refresh!

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Handbag Clinic’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019

With Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Kim Kardashian spotted in vintage wear, shopping pre-owned, is bang on trend this Christmas. Shop sustainably with Handbag Clinic, with our amazing range of designer Handbags. Whether you started your Christmas shopping in the Summer or left it till last minute, when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, there is no more dreaded sentence than ”get me a surprise”. But don’t worry we are here to help you out! In order to keep up the Christmas spirit we have prepared a guide to the... Read More

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Do You Know the Secrets Behind Fashion Week?

Fashion Weeks are synonymous with high fashion and higher expectations.  The world’s first fashion week was in New York: 1943 (to provide alternatives to European fashion when the War prohibited travel between the countries); it would be another 40 years until London curated their own catwalk in 1983! The distribution of locations allows designers to localise their shows; Chanel in France, McQueen in England and so on… Whilst we know that the world’s largest luxury designers exhibit their collections in New York, Milan, Paris and London, do you know the... Read More


Do You Know the Most Demanded Lockdown Restorations?

Historically, the most demanded restorations revolved around accidents out and about, placing them on restaurant floors or bathroom sinks, an accident in a hair beauty salon, food spillages from clumsy waiters and tipping over cocktails when you’ve had one too many drinks… However, since lockdown and the imminent closure of most establishments, restoration requests have changed and you would be surprised at how many Chanel’s have been bitten by dogs, how many Gucci’s have suffered a dreaded wine stain and how many Prada’s have been the victim of an ink... Read More


Celebrating the LGBT+ Community within Fashion.

February celebrates the LGBT+ community and their history in achieving representation and awareness.  As an inclusive company, Handbag Clinic has chosen to recognise the progressive field of fashion and explore the iconic designers that represent the LGBT+ community. Pride (the annual celebration of self-affirmation, equality and dignity) has evolved from a political demonstration in the 1960s, to a global, electric and colourful extravaganza of inclusivity!  Fashion is renowned for its celebration of uniqueness, which amplifies our desires to represent this community as season after season we fall more in love... Read More


Ultimate Bag Guide: Dior Saddle Bag

Everything you need to know about Dior’s Cult Classic Saddle Bag… Dior’s iconic Saddle Bag debuted on the runway in John Galliano’s Spring/Summer 2000 collection and quite frankly ladies, the rest is history.  It’s adorned the shoulders of countless celebrities and before the year was out, Dior’s accessories sales had increased more than 60%!  Whilst the popularity of this kidney-shaped bag did decrease in popularity for a few years, it came back with a vengeance in 2018 when it made its impactful return on the arms of Beyonce, Rosie Huntington-Whitely... Read More

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Restore a Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier With Us…

We recently received an incredibly worn Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier from a customer in Monaco, who required our assistance in restoring the entirety of the external Vachetta. Our team of Artisan’s regularly restore Louis Vuitton merchandise and utilised their knowledge of Vachetta, sewing and Vuitton to revive this unique piece. As leather experts, we adore the opportunity to extend our craftsmanship to uncommon items and we encourage you to send your leather luxuries to us for a bespoke restoration.  Due to the exclusive nature of each bag, we utilise... Read More

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Britain: Did You Know it’s THE Fashion Hub of the World?

British Fashion: Britain hosts many of the most iconic brands in contemporary fashion. Our innovative and original ethos continues to trigger designers to not only be creative, but also commercial.  Over the years, Britain has cultivated a unique spirit that ignites the imagination of the fashion world. From birthing trailblazers, such as McQueen, to promoting refined craftsmanship (through the likes of Burberry & Mulberry); the continued originality of British designers subsequently maintains Britain’s status as THE fashion hub of the world!  A major strength of the British fashion industry is... Read More